Filmistaan (2014)

6 June 2014 | 117 minutes | Comedy | Drama


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A Indian wannabe actor gets abducted by Pakistani terrorists who are avid fans of the world's biggest film industry, Bollywood.


Sunny (Sharib Hashmi) is obsessed about cinema and wants to become an actor in Bollywood. He sacrifices his love, his job, his friends to enter the film industry. He auditions at many studios but is thrown out, citing lack of experience and emotions. Learning about an American film crew who wants to shoot a documentary in a village near the Indian border, Sunny manages to travel with them. He is soon captured by Paksitani terrorists who mistake him for an American. They keep him as hostage and look to trade him for one of their terrorist friends who is in prison. He finds out that the terrorists pass their free time watching Bollywood movies using pirated DVDs which they smuggle while crossing borders. He shares his love for cinema and develops a bond with them. This bond provides a fertile platform to eradicate hatred between the two countries.

Company Credits

Studio: Shringar Films Pvt Ltd, Satellite Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
Distributed By: UTV Spotboy

Box Office

Net: Rs 6.28 Crores

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