Entertainment (2014)

8 August 2014 | 140 minutes | Comedy

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Akhil has to fight a dog to claim the inheritance that is rightfully his to be able to wed the love of his life.



Akhil (Aksay Kumar) has recently proposed to his girlfriend Saakshi only to meet with opposition from her father. He disallows Saakshi (Tamannah) from marrying Akhil until he becomes financially secure and is able to support her. Soon after, Akhil learns that he is an adopted child of his parents and that his real father is a billionaire in Bangkok. But he is now dead and has left his 3000 crore estate to anyone who can successfully prove to be a blood relative. Akhil travels to Bangkok to claim his inheritance. To his dismay, he finds that the temporary heir to the property is a dog named ‘Entertainment’. And failure to prove his parentage would imply forfeiting the estate to an animal. Akhil plans to kill Entertainment while his second cousins from his father’s side, Karan and Arjun, plan to kill Akhil by drowning him. But he is saved marginally by none other than Entertainment. Realising his errors, Akhil vows to protect the estate from the greed of his cousins and stays to protect Entertainment. Akhil concocts several schemes to separate the two brothers and drive a wedge between them. He succeeds for a while but his plan is discovered by the brothers. The battle for the estate is on, but will Akhil emerge victorious?

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Studio: T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd., Tips Industries Limited
Distributed By: Pen India Pvt. Ltd

Box Office

Net: Rs 72.02 Crores

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