Ek Villain (2014)

27 June 2014 | 129 minutes | Crime | Thriller

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A woman gets senselessly murdered in her apartment, exposing the threat of a serial killer, and reopening old wounds for her husband, an ex-hitman.



Guru (Sidharth Malhotra) is a hitman working for the corrupt Caesar. One particularly ruthless hit lands him on CBI Officer Aditya Rathore’s (Shaad Randhawa) radar, but his innocence is surprisingly corroborated by the victim’s mother and he is free to go. Back on the streets, Guru meets the high-spirited Aisha (Shraddha Kapoor) who turns his life around completely. They marry, and under her wing, Guru becomes a changed man. But officer Rathore has not forgotten his past suspicions of Guru. In a tragic shift, Aisha is murdered in her apartment and Rathore leads Guru to believe it is his old boss Caesar who ordered the kill. This being far from the truth, Guru realises that the real killer is still out there, and that he is extremely volatile. Revenge is the only thing on his mind, and he will stop at nothing to seek it.

Company Credits

Studio: Balaji Motion Pictures
Distributed By: Balaji Motion Pictures

Box Office

Net: Rs 105.62 Crores

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