Daawat-e-Ishq (2014)

9 May 2014 | 118 minutes | Romance | Drama

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A daughter-father duo try to trap greedy men using the Indian Penal Code’s Dowry Act.


Gulrez Qadir (Parineeti Chopra) is the daughter of widower Abdul Qadir (Anupam Kher), an honest Andhra Pradesh High Court clerk. Gulrez has been declining all marriage proposals brought by her father due to unreasonable dowry demands by the groom’s family. Agitated by this traditional custom, she tries to fall in love. She refuses to marry her boyfriend when his parents privately ask her an amount of 20 lakhs rupees as dowry. Realising that there is a very slim possibility of her getting married in India, Gulrez plans to cheat a rich guy and flee to America. With the help of her unconvinced father, Gulrez selects a random man from a matrimonial site, Tariq Haider (Aditya Roy Kapur) from Lucknow. Abdul meets Tariq’s parents and they decide an amount of 40 lakhs rupees as dowry, while secretly shooting the whole conversation using a camcorder for proof. Gulrez falls for Tariq’s integrity when he hands her the dowry amount so that she can give it back to him on the wedding day. Nevertheless, going ahead with their plan, Gulrez and Abdul make a run with the money as Tariq finds a case file against him.

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Studio: Yash Raj Films
Distributed By: Yash Raj Films

Box Office

Net: Rs 25.5 Crores

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