Children Of War (2014)

16 May 2014 | 160 minutes | History | Drama


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Three different stories that depict the pain and despair caused in the Bangladesh war of liberation of 1971.



It is March 1971. Pakistani army has invaded Bangladesh with the help of the Americans and Chinese. The first story is about the soldiers who target everyone as they continue to exploit the interiors. They ruthlessly assault and rape women. Killing thousands of people, they stamp their precedence. The second story is of a family of four, who is hiding from the atrocities, guided by the father. He braves the troubled times and hatches a plan to fight. Citizens turn to guns and ammunitions to protect themselves. A journalist masquerades as a militant while his wife falls prey to the invasion. The third story is about the bastards who mark the residue of the war, which only brings memories of pain, despair and death.

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Studio: Maktub Entertainment, A Pencil Cell Production

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Net: Rs 0.62 Crores

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