Chaarfutiya Chhokare (2014)

26 September 2014 | 119 minutes | Thriller


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An NRI girl returns to India, Bihar,to start an ambitious school unaware of the pressure the villagers face from local goons.


Neha Malini (Soha Ali Khan) studied and worked in the States. After earning enough to start a school in her own village, she returns and immediately begins to execute her plans. She seeks the help of her family, her fellow villagers, and some of her colleagues.At this point she meets three young boys Awadhesh, Hari, and Gorakh, who help her spread the message to the villagers about a new school being constructed. Neha adores these three boys, but soon finds out that they are part of a local nexus that is averse to the building of the school. The three boys put on a helpful front, but at night they vandalise the construction site and carry out illegal activities on its premises.This upsets Neha as she is confronted by Janaki (Seema Biswas), Awadhesh’s mother. Janaki tells Neha about the deeply embedded political-criminal nexus that pervades the system and how she can overcome this with the help of the silent but powerful villagers.

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Studio: Maxor Movies
Distributed By: Wave Cinemas

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Net: Rs 0.21 Crores

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