Bobby Jasoos (2014)

4 July 2014 | 121 minutes | Comedy | Drama


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Bobby Jasoos, driven by her passion for professional detective, sets up her own spy agency after being rejected by other agencies due to lack of qualifications.



Bilquis aka Bobby( Vidya Balan) is the oldest of all three daughters in a Muslim family living in Hyderabad's busy Moghulpura locality. She has a fearless passion to become a detective gets constantly reminded by her Abba (Rajendra Gupta) that it is not a woman's job. To pursue her passion of spying she keeps on solving petty cases like helping Tasawur (Ali Fazal), a TV host, to get rid of marriage proposals brought by his parents. The story takes a turn when Anees Khan (Kiran Kumar) offers Bobby assignments to trace some missing people. Bobby grabs the offer immediately but as she starts the investigations, she finds something fishy and seeks Tasawur's help to crack the mystery. In the end, Khan turns out to be nothing but a spook. Tasawur falls in love with bobby for her unconventional personality. In the midst of all the confusions and confessions, Bobby becomes a successful detective proving her naysayers wrong and making her family proud.

Company Credits

Studio: Born Free Entertainment
Distributed By: Reliance Entertainment

Box Office

Net: Rs 11.74 Crores

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