Amit Sahni Ki List (2014)

18 July 2014 | 110 minutes | Romance | Comedy

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Finding the woman of his dreams is a strategic process for Amit Sahni and his critical tool is his ‘List’.


Amit Sahni is a vivacious investment banker with a fairly perfect life. A well-paying job, sound social status, and an all-round satisfying life. The only thing missing is a woman to share it all with. But once burned and twice shy, Amit is anxious to just fall for anyone. After suffering through a particularly painful breakup in his youth, Amit plans to do it this time by the book, or rather his list. Amit has a list prepared containing all the qualities he desires in a woman and plans to stick to it. This leads to him cross checking all his dates against the ideal woman he has in mind for himself. However, love can scarcely be planned by the book. Amit finds himself in interesting situations where he has to choose between his beloved list and the stark reality.

Company Credits

Studio: Pyxis Pictures

Box Office

Net: Rs 4.36 Crores

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