Zanjeer (2013)

6 September 2013 | 145 minutes | Action | Thriller

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A child witnesses the murder of his parents by a mafia leader Teja, which infuriates him to take revenge and he becomes an angry cop to accomplish this.


Remake of the 1970 blockbuster hit Zanjeer, the story revolves around the angry character of A.C.P Vijay (Ram Charan). He is an honest police officer, who does not turn his head to injustice and disorder. The corrupt system finds him uncooperative and transfers him over and over again. Incidentally, he is given a murder case in which an NRI Mala (Priyanka Chopra) witnesses the act by Teja’s gang. She is aware of Teja's background and his mafia operations and refuses to cooperate with Vijay. Vijay manages to convince Mala to give her support, and this intimacy leads to a love angle between them. Vijay then befriends, Sher Khan (Sanjay Dutt), who indulges in selling and buying illegal cars, but eventually gives it up after learning Vijay’s brutal honesty. His desire to avenge his parents death appears to be a reality now, but will he be able to accomplish it?

Company Credits

Studio: Adai Mehra Productions Pvt Ltd, Flying Turtle Films, Rampage Motion Pictures Ltd
Distributed By: Reliance Entertainment

Box Office

Net: Rs 15.19 Crores

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