Warning (2013)

27 September 2013 | 109 minutes | Thriller


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Seven friends witness their joy ride, in the magnificent waters, slowly turning into a nightmare. With no knowledge of their location in the middle of the sea, they wait for help until an unwanted creature passes by.


Seven friends decide to have a reunion on a yacht cruise through the Fiji waters. Reminiscing the good old times, they forget to take the necessary precautions while at sea and continue partying with booze and music. To cure their hangovers, each one of them take to swimming, unknowingly letting the yacht sail ahead. With no navigational know-how, they end up in the deep ocean far away from the shores. Planning an escape route, they swim back in what they believe is the right direction, but instead run into a monstrous shark. Panic strikes and the game of survival begins.

Company Credits

Studio: Alumbra Entertainment, Benaras Media Works
Distributed By: Eros International

Box Office

Net: Rs 3.63 Crores

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