Sooper Se Ooper (2013)

25 October 2013 | 109 minutes | Comedy

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A slacker sets out to find his maternal uncle in Rajasthan whom he has never met before.



Ranvir Rathore’s (Vir Das) career is in tenterhooks and all he’s left with is the ancestral land left by his late mother. Kuki Kukreja (Deepak Dobriyal) is a small time goon who has to nick this land and give it to racketeering builder in order to save his own life. The local registrar informs Ranvir that the current nominee of the land is his mother’s brother-in-law who is still alive somewhere in Rajasthan. Ranvir travels and eventually meets his uncle, Madho Singh Rathore (Gulshan Grover), a rich recluse. Kuki constantly tries to hamper Ranvir’s ways but fails. After much cajoling, Madho agrees and they set back to Mumbai. However, Madho gets acclimatised to the city life and refuses to oblige. Ranvir loses hope. In the mean time, Kuki tries to bribe the concerned government officials and the racketeer (Tinnu Anand) himself constructs a plan to finish the Rathore family. After much deliberation, Madho eventually writes the land off to Ranvir driven by his grudge against the builder.

Company Credits

Studio: Jigsaw Pictures
Distributed By: Reliance Entertainment

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Net: Rs 0.06 Crores

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