Satya 2 (2013)

8 November 2013 | 142 minutes | Crime


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A story on the resurrection of the underworld in Mumbai by a righteous civilian.


Satya (Puneet Singh Ratn) has nothing to lose in life. He arrives in Mumbai in 2013 to make something of his life. Observing the discrimination between the rich & the poor and the lack of proper administration, he feels he should do something about it. Working as a foreman at a construction site, he gets called to resolve a dispute between his employer and a rival company’s boss. This paves his path to the underworld where he quickly earns respect from local gangs. Holding the city for ransom, Satya tries to save the city from inequality and from the apathy of the government.

Company Credits

Studio: Mammoth Media And Entertainment Pvt Ltd., LR Media

Box Office

Net: Rs 1.98 Crores

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