Ramaiya Vastavaiya (2013)

19 July 2013 | 148 minutes | Romance | Comedy

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A rich boy falls in love with a middle class girl and wants to marry her. However, the social divide is a barrier in their marriage and so the boy has to prove himself to win this girl.



Ram (Girish Kumar) is a dashing young millionaire NRI who visits India. He meets Sona (Shruti Haasan), a young pretty and vivacious girl. In no time both fall in love and want to get married. However socio-cultural differences are vast and immediate circumstances make them part ways. Sona’s parents are no more and as a result, her elder brother Raghuveer (Sonu Sood) takes care of her. Things have turned bad and there is tension between Raghuveer and Ram’s mother. Raghuveer challenges Ram to be a farmer like him and get better crop yields before asking for Sona’s hand in marriage. Ram accepts the challenge. He works hard and is on his way to a good yield of crop, but things take a turn for the worse. His uncle, along with his friend, tries to destroy the crop. Everything and everyone including his parents are against him. After the various struggles of love, in the end, Ram is able to convince Raghuveer and marries his love.

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Studio: Tips Industries Limited
Distributed By: Tips Industries Limited

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Net: Rs 36.3 Crores

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