Rajdhani Express (2013)

4 January 2013 | 140 minutes | Drama | Thriller

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A story of an aam aadmi Keshav who escapes from his home in an attempt to lead a better life. However, he gets stuck in a complicated web of situation, which get blown out of proportion by the media.



Keshav (Laender Paes), an aam aadmi, wants to break away from the shackles of a gun-runner, his godfather. He escapes by stealing a bag of arms and a ticket from Delhi to Mumbai, on Rajdhani Express, with the intention to encash it and lead a better life. He is set up even before he boards the train and the ATS Mumbai is all set to nab him. Keshav meets three other passengers – Sunita, an item girl (Puja Bose), Banerjee, a screen writer (Priyanshu Chaterjee), and Munish, the celebrity fashion designer (Sudhanshu Pandey). They break rules and mock each other till Keshav loses it and pulls out a gun. The police get involved in this game for power with the ATS Commissioner Yadav (Jimmy Shergill) spearheading the case. This mock drama gets blown up as an act of terrorism with the media, now informed, telecasting about a terrorist on train threatening to blow it apart. However, it is soon discovered that Keshav is nethier a terrorist nor is there a bomb on the train. Nevertheless Yadav strikes a deal with the minister convincing him of extracting political mileage by eliminating Keshav. For Keshav however, the choice between becoming a fugitive, and/or facing trial for life becomes a choice between the devil and the deep sea.

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Studio: Cine Acts Production

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Net: Rs 0.35 Crores

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