Policegiri (2013)

5 July 2013 | 141 minutes | Action

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Amalapur’s new cop Rudra joins hands with the goons as he believes the move will help maintain peace and calm in the region. But, he fails to arrest the aggravating situation when residents complain about the notorious goon Nagori.



A town infested with frequent gang wars gets a new cop Rudra (Sanjay Dutt), who believes effective policing is possible by befriending goons. He wins the people over with his good cop act. Things get out of control however, when residents complain about a petrol bunk selling less petrol to the public and about a lady getting beaten up when she complains. The bunk is owned by Nagori. Rudra beats up the employees of the bunk as well as Nagori's henchmen. A war breaks out as a result. Nagori calls for a bandh, which is foiled by Rudra. Nagori retaliates with a bomb-blast on the same day that Rudra plans to wed Seher (Prachi Desai). Nagori then tries to kidnap Seher but Rudra saves her life in time. Rudra's way of policing only aggravates the violent situation and he is asked to move to another city within seven days through a transfer order. These seven days are crucial for him to prove himself by capturing Nagori, and restoring law and order.

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Studio: Star Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Box Office

Net: Rs 16.81 Crores

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