Nasha (2013)

26 July 2013 | 122 minutes | Drama | Romance | Thriller


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A 18 Year boy falls in love with his drama teacher, who is 25 year old despite having a girlfriend.


Saahil (Shivam Patil) and his girlfriend Tia (Sheetal Singh), along with a couple of school friends, meet a new dramatics instructor Anita (Poonam Pandey) while on holiday in a hill station outside Mumbai. Saahil falls for Anita’s beauty on the spot. Saahil, then learns that Anita has a boyfriend named Sam; leaving him deeply upset. He curiously visits her home one night and stumbles upon a steamy love scene between Anita and Sam. The shattered soul gets scolded the next morning by Anita during the class, which leads to his break up with Tia. Coincidentally, due to a scandal involving Sam and a female student of Anita at a party, Anita breaks up with Sam. Anita decides to quit her job and when she informs Saahil about this, he rushes to her house and they make love all night. Anita then admits that she is attracted to Saahil. However, Anita and Saahil end up separating and Saahil’s haze of infatuation for Anita disappears. He realises his behaviour was immature and rekindles his romance with Tia.

Company Credits

Studio: Eagle Home Entertainment, One Line Cinema

Box Office

Net: Rs 3.86 Crores

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