Mere Dad Ki Maruti (2013)

15 March 2013 | 101 minutes | Comedy

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Tej, the father of bride Tanvi, is all set to give his son-in-law Raj and daughter a brand new Maruti Ertiga for their wedding. But, his son Sameer’s mischief leads to a missing car and a comical story to recover it.



In the Khullar family household, everybody is in a joyful mood. Tej Khullar’s (Ram Kapoor) daughter is getting married to Raj (Karan Mehra). To celebrate this occasion, Tej wants to gift a Maruti Ertiga to his new son-in-law and daughter on their wedding day. Meanwhile, Tej’s son Sameer (Saqib Saleem), is smitten by the ‘Shakira of Chandigarh’ Jasleen (Rhea Chakraborty) and wants to do something to woo her. He secretly takes the new Maruti to please her few days before the wedding. But, the good-for-nothing Sameer ends up losing the car because of his stupidity. Now, he and his best friend Gattu (Prabal Panjabi) have to find a way to explain this situation to his father. Sameer somehow manages to get the car back decorated before the wedding and acts as if nothing has happened. Only to realize that Gattu and Jasleen both end up with a new Maruti Ertiga at the wedding, leaving everyone shocked and confused. Sameer eventually confesses the story to his father, which results in a bit of drama, but a happy ending after the drama settles.

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Studio: Y-Films
Distributed By: Y-Films

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Net: Rs 12.54 Crores

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