Lootera (2013)

5 July 2013 | 136 minutes | Drama | Romance

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Inspired by O. Henry's The Last Leaf, this is an enchanting love story between two young, beautiful people that explore the depths of their relationship through periods of betrayal, pain, illness and forgiveness.



Varun (Ranveer Singh) is an intelligent archeologist who visits the town of Manikpur to carry out excavation work on the land of a local landlord. One day, while learning to drive, Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha) accidentally bumps into a motorcycle and mildly injures the owner, who happens to be Varun. The landlord and his family including his daughter Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha) are very impressed with Varun, who tells them about his desires to study the land surrounding the temple that the landlord owns. Varun and Pakhi gradually fall in love, as they bond over art and literature, and are ready to tie the knot. Meanwhile, the Indian government passes an act that reduces the power of landlords. The family has to sell their ancient artefacts and Varun offers to help arrange the purchases. Varun asks Pakhi's father for her hand in marriage, but on the wedding day, he disappears. Pakhi's father later discovers that Varun is a thief who stole the idols from the temple and gave him counterfeit currency against the sale of the family's artefacts. After hearing this, Pakhi goes into deep shock! A year later, after the demise of her father, she moves to another city - Dalhousie - and lives alone. Varun is back with a robbery in mind and runs into Pakhi. The cops are trailing him everywhere. Pakhi saves him from cops but doesn’t forgive him easily. However, their feelings for each other grows with each passing day. Pakhi then reveals to Varun, via a letter, that she is dying of tuberculosis and will pass away the day the last leaf falls from the tree outside her window. Varun has to decide between his love for Pakhi and survival, and the rest of the story explores this dichotomy facing Varun.

Company Credits

Studio: Phantom Productions
Distributed By: Balaji Motion Pictures

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Net: Rs 29 Crores

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