Jayanta Bhai Ki Luv Story (2013)

15 February 2013 | 128 minutes | Comedy | Romance

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Set during the 2G-spectrum scam in Mumbai, a small-time gangster Jayantabhai falls in love with his beautiful neighbour and tenant Simran, who is the complete opposite of him.



Jayantabhai (Vivek Oberoi) is a small-time Mumbai gangster. Simran Desai (Neha Sharma) is a damsel in distress. Simran recently lost her job and accommodation, and moves into a rented apartment. Lo and behold, Jayantabhai turns out to be her neighbour. Both live very contrasting lives. On one hand, Jayantabhai works for Altafbhai (Zakir Hussain) and aspires to be Altafbhai’s right-hand man. Simran, on the other hand, is job hunting and is a wreck because she has no money. Jayantabhai bumps in Simran one day, and they bond over anda-bhurji. As time passes, they fall in love with each other and Jayantabhai tries to rescue Simran from her miserable situation. This happens in the midst of a gang rivalry between Altafbhai and an ex-cop turned gangster Alex Pandiyan.

Company Credits

Studio: Tips Industries Limited
Distributed By: Tips Industries Limited

Box Office

Net: Rs 4 Crores

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