Jackpot (2013)

13 December 2013 | 132 minutes | Thriller | Comedy


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A plan to steal crores of cash from a casino gets messy when the real intentions of the people executing the plan are revealed.


Jackpot, an exotic casino is run by quirky genius Boss Man (Naseeruddin Shah). He, along with the slick Francis (Sachiin Joshi) & his paramour Maya (Sunny Leone), plan a heist in his own casino in order to claim a hefty insurance. While Boss Man plays his game, Francis & Maya execute a secondary trick to get off with the cash with the help of their friends. Once the con is done, the group suspect each other of backstabbing. Boss Man had no intentions to share the lump sum which is now in a suitcase. While the case exchanges many hands, Francis succeeds in swapping it. Maya deflects their friends’ attention and Boss Man thinks he got off with the sum only to find out later, that nothing is what it seems.

Company Credits

Studio: Viiking Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Box Office

Net: Rs 18 Crores

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