Inkaar (2013)

18 January 2013 | 133 minutes | Romance | Comedy

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Rahul, an advertising CEO and Maya, his ambitious protégée battle for a top job at a leading advertising agency. They get very close at one point. However, things take a dramatic turn when Maya files a sexual harassment complaint against Rahul.



Rahul Verma (Arjun Rampul) is a respected CEO at one of India’s leading advertising agencies. He starts flirting with one of the junior beautiful copywriter’s, Maya Luthra (Chitrangada Singh) at a party. The flirting turns into friendship and more. Raul teaches Maya everything he knows about advertising and she starts moving up the ranks. However, Maya is an ambitious girl and she feels that Rahul wants her to be subservient. So, she files a sexual harassment complaint against him. The agency sets up a committee to review the allegation and come to a verdict. The committee has to hear both sides of the story and work through all the lies and accusations to determine what is really going on and who is actually telling the truth. In the organisation, the stakes are high. It’s a battle that will certainly destroy one person’s reputation and possibly, their career. Will the committee really be able to uncover the truth? How will the agency deal with the dilemma of choosing between its two most talented people?

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Studio: Tipping Point Films
Distributed By: Viacom18 Motion Pictures

Box Office

Net: Rs 9.5 Crores

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