Dehraadun Diary (2013)

4 January 2013 | 110 minutes | Thriller

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Preeti, a girl from an affluent political family falls in love with Anshul, the poor son of a retired IAS officer. Her family strongly disapproves, and her brother kills her boyfriend. What ensues is the common man's fight against a flawed society.



The story is based on a real life murder of a poor man Anshul Sharma (Rohit Bakshi), the son of a retired IAS officer, who falls in love with the daughter of a politician, Preeti (Ragini Nandwani). While Anshul’s family have blessed them, Preeti’s family are far from accepting this union. Her brother Vishesh (Vishal Bhonsle) is outraged by this love affair due to their status difference, and brutally murders Anshul. The family who have lost their son, and Preeti who has to fight against her own family, struggle for justice in a corrupt system.

Company Credits

Studio: Swami Samartha Creations & Ashwagandha

Box Office

Net: Rs 0.35 Crores

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