D Day (2013)

19 July 2013 | 153 minutes | Action | Drama

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The most wanted criminal of India is sheltered by another country, Pakistan. The agent chosen to keep a tab on the criminal has his family living in Pakistan. He is torn between his family and his loyalty towards his country.



Wali Khan (Irrfan Khan) is the agent that has been chosen to be sent to Pakistan to keep a tab on the doings of India's most wanted Godman, Iqbal Seth (Rishi Kapoor). Iqbal Seth is leading a luxurious life in Pakistan. He is a hated terrorist in the disguise of a businessman. His nicknames include 'Bhai' and ‘Goldman’. Getting information about him is extremely difficult as his movements are regularly monitored by the ISI. However, Wali soon gets the information about Iqbal's plan to attend the marriage ceremony of his son that is against the ISI's approval or wish. Wali is happy and excited believing the D-day to execute the plan has finally arrived. Meanwhile three more agents are sent to Pakistan to help Wali with Mission Goldman. On the day of execution, Iqbal quite easily walks into the trap. However, the very moment they were about to capture him, something goes wrong. Will Wali Khan be able to perform and keep the honor of his country?

Company Credits

Studio: DAR Motion Pictures, Essel Vision, Emmay Entertainment
Distributed By: DAR Motion Pictures

Box Office

Net: Rs 24 Crores

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