Chor Chor Super Chor (2013)

2 August 2013 | 99 minutes | Comedy


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Shuklaji runs a gang of petty thieves. His onetime pupil Satbir falls in love with a TV anchor and decides to earn an honest livelihood, but gets entangled with a crook. A reality-show unfolds which showcases the world of petty crime.


Satbir (Deepak Dobriyal), a pick pocket, falls in love with Neena (Priya Bhatija), a TV anchor who is out of his league. He decides to straighten up his life and forsake his mentor Shukla ji (Avtar Sahni) who runs a gang of petty thieves from a photo studio. He dresses up as a huge samosa near a food stall to earn a living. Amol (Jagat Rawat), another gangster tries to lure Satbir to run a bigger gang and commit greater crimes like kidnapping. A gang war takes place with a botched kidnapping. A reality show gives Neena an insight into the gangland of Delhi and depicts the shifting morality of the rising middle class.

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Studio: Katson Motion Pictures Presents

Box Office

Net: Rs 0.07 Crores

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