Akaash Vani (2013)

25 January 2013 | 149 minutes | Romance

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Akaash and Vani are two teenagers that fall in love but Vani is forced into an arranged marriage with someone else. Will true love triumph in the end?


Akaash (Kartik Tiwari) and Vani (Nushrat Bharucha) hit it off on the first day of college and start dating for four years. Both seem clueless about what they really want out of life, or from each other but can’t live without each other. However, Akaash has to leave to go to London and Vani has to return to Dehradun to attend her sister’s wedding. This departure creates complications. Vani’s sister, who is supposed to get married, elopes with another guy. Fearing the negative responses from society, Vani’s parents get her married instead to an arrogant man. Being an obedient daughter, she agrees to the wedding. However, her married life is quite depressing. Her husband forcefully has sex with her every night and Vani runs away in an attempt to avoid living a miserable life. Vani’s mama and mami decide to take her to Delhi to change her environment. There she runs into Akaash again and she rediscovers her love for him. Akaash and Vani use various methods to convince Vani’s parents to file for divorce so that they can get married and live happily ever after.

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Studio: Wideframe Pictures

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Net: Rs 2.11 Crores

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