Paan Singh Tomar (2012)

2 March 2012 | 135 minutes | Biography | Sport

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Ex-Indian Army and 7-time steeplechase champion, Paan Singh Tomar became one of the most feared dacoits in the Chambal Valley post retirement.



The story of Paan Singh Tomar plays out in flashbacks when a reporter sits down to interview the dacoit who just killed nine people of a community. The scene plays backto the Indian army when Paan Singh discovers his aptitude for athleticism by chance and goes on to win in the steeplechase category seven times in a row at the Indian National Games. An unfortunate run at the Asian Games and a string of frustrations follow. When Paan Singh’s brother comes to him for help with a family dispute on his hands, Paan Singh goes back to his village to settle things. However, he ends up only stirring the pot that leads to the eventual slaughter of his mother. With revenge on his mind, Paan Singh forms a gang and becomes a baaghi (dacoit) sparking a reign of fear andrebellion in the Chambal Valley.

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Studio: UTV Motion Pictures
Distributed By: UTV Motion Pictures

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Net: Rs 12 Crores

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