Joker (2012)

31 August 2012 | 103 minutes | Fantasy


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Aliens visit the freakish, unmapped village of Pagalpur where the inhabitants still live in the pre-Independence era.


Agastya (Akshay Kumar) is a scientist in US who is researching in communication with aliens. After failing to come up with a solution for contact with other celestial lives, he gives up hope and arrives at her wife's father's village in India, Pagalpur. Agastya observes the eerie lifestyles of the inhabitants of the village who still believe that World War II is going on and have no idea about the information revolution. It is because the village has not been included in the demarcated map of India. Along with his wife (Sonakshi Sinha), Agastya fakes a plan that the village has been home for aliens for many years. Hyped by media and the likes, Pagalpur comes into limelight and the folks at Delhi start to pay attention. Creating fake UFO landings and asking the inhabitants to behave as aliens, Agastya succeeds in editing the national map. But, seeing all this hullabaloo, original aliens from another planet arrive at the village and gift them a reservoir of oil for impersonating them correctly.

Company Credits

Studio: Hari Om Entertainment Co., Three's Company
Distributed By: UTV Motion Pictures

Box Office

Net: Rs 22.51 Crores

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