Jism 2 (2012)

3 August 2012 | 135 minutes | Romance | Thriller


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An intelligence officer hires a ruthless assassin's ex-lover to steal digital data from him.


Aayan Thakur (Arunoday Singh) is a government intelligence officer who is given the task of infiltrating an international assassin and former officer Kabir Wilson's (RandeepHooda) home network in order to steal valuable operations digital data. Security Intelligence Chief Guru Saldanah (ArifZakaria) suggests Aayan to go behind porn star Izna (Sunny Leone) who was engaged to Kabir, few years back. Upon meeting, Izna reveals all about her relation with Kabir and adds that Kabir was often mercuric in his decisions. Aayan proposes a deal with Izna and asks her to connect once again with Kabir and try to steal the data from him, and in return she will be acquitted of her petty crimes and accomplice actions of few months back. Kabir somehow anticipates the whole deal and warns Izna of estrangement, but Aayan forces her to act which leads to the death of Kabir in a gun-fight. Having collected the data drive, Guru tries to shoot Izna, but Aayan instead shoots and kills Guru because of his love for her. When Izna accuses Aayan of murdering an innocent, he tries to kill her. With few breaths left, Izna shoots Aayan on his chest. In heaven, Izna confesses Kabir of her undying love for him.

Company Credits

Studio: Fish Eye Network Pvt Ltd, Clockwork Films Private Limited
Distributed By: Vishesh Films

Box Office

Net: Rs 30.59 Crores

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