Ek Tha Tiger (2012)

15 August 2012 | 132 minutes | Romance | Action

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An Indian RAW agent and a Pakistani ISI spy try to follow their love by estranging their respective nations.




A top agent of India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) code-named Tiger (Salman Khan) is sent to Iraq for a mission. There he kills one of his own men for backstabbing the agency. He is quickly redirected to Dublin for another mission by his boss to avoid a controversy. The mission is to observe a scientist of Indian origin, Professor Anwar Jamaal Kidwai (Roshan Seth) who works with ISI, Pakistan's foremost spy agency. Accompanying fellow RAW agent Gopi (RanvirShorey), Tiger starts his mission but gets closer to Kidwai's caretaker Zoya (Katrina Kaif). It is only after they fall in love with each other that they find the truth about each other when Tiger realizes that Zoya is an ISI spy. Instead of killing her, he lets her go and aborts the mission. Months later, Tiger spots Zoya at a conference in Instanbul where they form an alliance and rekindle their love, and try to run away from their respective agencies. Both ISI and RAW send their best men to find and kill Zoya and Tiger. Tiger persuades Gopi about his situation and misleads him to another place while Tiger flees with Zoya. Tiger calls his boss and tells him that they will return only when the two nations stop fighting with each other.

Company Credits

Studio: Yash Raj Films
Distributed By: Yash Raj Films

Box Office

Net: Rs 198.78 Crores

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