Cocktail (2012)

13 July 2012 | 133 minutes | Romance

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A modern-day love triangle between a flirtatious guy, a happy-go-lucky socialite and a just-married-and-estranged ideal desi girl.



Meera (Diana Penty) is arranged-married to the spineless Kunal (RandeepHooda) who estranges her on the next day of their marriage in London. With no place else to go, Meera finds solace in party girl Veronica, a spinster who lives her life to the fullest. Veronica understands Meera's plight and gives her shelter at her place. After a drunken night, Meera finds that Veronica is in a casual relationship with Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) who had hit on her on the day of her arrival at the airport. Quickly, the three of us become good friends. Just then Gautam's mother arrives at London to see if he has found a perfect girl for himself for which Gautam introduced Meera to her. He confesses to Veronica that he is going to marry Meera. When Veronica realizes that Gautam is jolly only when Meera is around, she finally moves on and accepts the married couple, Gautam and Meera as her best friends.

Company Credits

Studio: Illuminati Films
Distributed By: Eros International

Box Office

Net: Rs 71 Crores

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