Barfi! (2012)

14 September 2012 | 151 minutes | Adventure | Comedy | Drama


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The incredible story of a deaf-mute troublemaker and undying love for his autistic childhood friend.



Murphy Johnson (Ranbir Kapoor) is only known as "Barfi" to the people in his neighbourhood in Darjeeling. Living with his father, he is infamous in town for his mischievous pranks on civilians, but they all forgive him for being physically challenged. When Shruti Ghosh (Ileana D'Cruz) comes to Darjeeling for a bachelorette get-together before her marriage, Barfi meets her and instantly falls in love. He tries to woo her with his antics which makes Shruti fall for him, too. Forbidden by her mother to marry the deaf and mute, childish man who will not be able to look after her, Shruti goes back to Kolkata and marries her beau. Heartbroken, Barfi tries to allay his pain when, but his father gets hospitalised. He hatches a plan to kidnap his childhood friend, Jhilmil Chatterjee (Priyanka Chopra), an autistic, for money. In confusion that Jhilmil was already being kidnapped, Barfi makes away with the ransom but learns that his father is dead. He moves to Kolkata when Jhilmil refuses to leave him. There he again meets Shruti and rekindles the friendship, leaving Jhilmil aghast. She again gets kidnapped and this time is believed to be dead. After investigation by the police, Barfi is accused of murdering her. Later, he learns that all this was the deed of Jhilmil's father for usurping money from her trusts and Jhilmil is actually alive. He marries her and lives a merry life while Shruti repents for taking a disastrous life decision by not marrying him.

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Studio: UTV Motion Pictures
Distributed By: UTV Motion Pictures

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Net: Rs 112.15 Crores

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