Agneepath (2012)

26 January 2012 | 174 minutes | Action | Drama

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The story of a common man’s struggle in the backdrop of politics and mafia as he avenges his benevolent father’s death.



In the town of Mandwa, Dinanath Chauhan (ChetanPandit), a highly respected school teacher is wrongly framed for molesting and murdering a child. It is planned by KanchaCheena (Sanjay Dutt) who wants Dinanath’s ouster from the village so he can continue his mafia operations. Kancha takes law in his own hands and hangs him from a tree in front of the whole village. Dinanath’s young son Vijay swears revenge as he helplessly witnesses his father choking amid a happily clamoring crowd. Years later in Mumbai, Vijay (HrithikRoshan), a trusted member of local flesh trader Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor) counts his steps to contact Kancha. Proving his mettle and loyalty to Rauf, Vijay succeeds in killing Rauf’s mischievous son and right hand taking over Rauf’s empire. Along with police commissioner Gaitonde (Om Puri), he stops all of Rauf’s dirty business and finally meets Kancha for a collaboration. Kancha learns about Vijay’s true identity from a tip-off and sends men to kill his wife KaaliGawde (Priyanka Chopra) while Rauf tries to resurrect his empire by involving Vijay’s sister in the flesh trade. Kaali is killed, which irks Vijay all the way more as he leaves for Mandwa and hangs Kancha the same way Kancha had hung his father.

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Studio: Dharma Productions

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Net: Rs 115 Crores

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