Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

15 July 2011 | 155 minutes | Adventure | Comedy | Drama


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For Kabir, Arjun and Imran, a bachelor party trip to Spain is no longer just that. It is now a journey to find long-lost relationships, love and eventually, themselves.



As was decided years in advance, Kabir (Abhay Deol) informs Arjun (Hrithik Roshan) and Imran (Farhan Akhtar) of their long impending bachelor trip to Spain. Now that Kabir is engaged to Natasha (Kalki Koechlin), he wants to call in that pact before he is a bachelor no more. The trio sets off to Spain. Imran and Kabir are annoyed that the workaholic Arjun continues to work on the trip via web-conferencing. In a fit of good-natured humour, Imran throws Arjun’s cellphone out of the car. Enraged, Arjun explodes and finally let outshis long withheld feelings about Arjun’s ex-girlfriend and the affair Imran had with her. Kabir manages to pacify them and urges them not to let the past taint this trip. They reach Costa Bravia where they meet Laila (Katrina Kaif). Arjun is terrified to find out that their first adventure is deep sea diving due to his aquaphobia. Laila reassures him and he gets over his fears only to find himself thoroughly enamoured by the experience. Accompanied by Laila, the group travels to Bunol for the La Tomatina Festival. To their surprise, they find Natasha waiting for them at their hotel. She is mildly cross with Laila’s presence but Kabir manages to placate her. They are on their way to Seville but Laila stays behind but not before she professes her love for Arjun and he returns it. It is now Imran’s turn to be terrified since their next adventure is sky diving. They successfully complete it and go out to celebrate but end up in police custody over a bar fight. The man who bails them out is in fact Imran’s biological father SalmanHabib (Naseeruddin Shah) whom Imran contacted for help. Salman admits to deserting Imran and his mother because he didn’t want to be tied down by domesticity. Imran, heartbroken realises the hurt he caused Arjun years ago and apologises to him. Arjun readily forgives him. Their next stop is Pamplona. The task this time is the Bull Run which was Imran’s choice. Imran and Kabir are horrified by this and try to talk him out of it. Over lunch, Kabir confesses that he isn’t really ready for marriage, he only proposed to Natasha to avoid hurting her. The trio make another pact before the Bull Run. If they survive, Kabir decides he will confess to Natasha that he doesn’t want to marry her; Arjun decides he will go to Morocco with Laila and Imran decides he will punish his poetry. With a renewed sense of purpose, the trio complete the Bull Run and find a brand new life waiting for them as they plunge headlong into it.

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Studio: Excel Entertainment
Distributed By: Eros International

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Net: Rs 90.27 Crores

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