Yeh Dooriyan (2011)

26 August 2011 | 108 minutes | Romance

Yeh Dooriyan

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Simi (Deepshikha Nagpal) believes her love life to be over when she divorces her husband. But Raj comes around and shakes up that reality for her.



Simi lives with her two kids after winning custody from her husband in an ugly divorce. She runs her own choreography studio and has garnered much success for her work. But she doesn’t have any expectations when it comes to love; she believes she lost her chance. Nevertheless, she pines for companionship and is encouraged to fall in love once more by her family and friends. Her girlfriends decide to take her out on a holiday to bring back her spirits once more. There, Simi meets Raj (Kaishav Arora), an upcoming model. Raj is smitten with Simi on sight and endlessly pursues her. Simi is hesitant at first, but after witnessing his rapport with her kids, she gives in and the two start dating seriously. Simi’s family and friends too approve of Raj. Simi and Raj decide to live together. One day though, Raj’s mother visits Simi and berates her. She accuses Simi of trapping herself a younger man to fulfil her vanity and begs Raj to give her up stating public opinion. To add fuel to the fire, Simi’s ex-husband shows up to beg her to take him back. Simi is now stuck between the devil and the deep sea. Can their love survive these tests?

Company Credits

Studio: V1 Creations, SiroyaFM

Box Office

Net: Rs 0.37 Crores

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