Tere Mere Phere (2011)

30 September 2011 | 125 minutes | Romance | Comedy


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Two couples strive to right the wrongs in their marriages in a hilarious journey among the Himalayas.



Rahul and Pooja have recently gotten married. They are on their honeymoon to Shimla Manali. They start to discover that they have nothing in common and conversations become void and awkward. They even start fighting and tensions mount when they discover that their flight to Shimla has suffered from some complications and they will have to by road. They run into Jai (Vinay Pathak) who forces himself into their caravan to accompany them to Shimla for he is getting married as well. Rahul and Pooja are less than pleased by this complication and it further widens the rift between them when Jai causes more problems for the pair. While on the journey, Jai asks the couple for their story and advice. Rahul and Pooja oblige and tell him how they discovered the truth about their relationship a bit too late i.e. on their honeymoon. They come to a common opinion of getting divorced when they get back. To not miss his wedding, Jai calls his fiancé Muskaan (Riya Sen) to a location he can reach on time. But after witnessing the rift between his travelling companions, Jai develops cold feet. He decides to call off the wedding seeing as Muskaan’s family didn’t approve of him anyway. What follows are realisations and confessions that set everything straight between our couples.

Company Credits

Studio: Maya Movies Pvt. Ltd, Sitara Productions, Open Door Films Limited

Box Office

Net: Rs 0.65 Crores

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