Tell Me O Kkhuda (2011)

27 October 2011 | 129 minutes | Drama

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After finding out the truth about her adoption by her parents, Tanya sets off on a journey to find her real parents.



Tanya is all set to marry her boyfriend Jai. But a few weeks before the wedding, she finds her birth documents and finds out that she has been adopted by her parents. She was left behind as a baby in a hospital fire when her adoptive parents took her in. Eager to find her true parentage, Tanya and Jai make a list of the men most probable to be her parents and set off. The first candidate is Abhay Pratap Rana (Vinod Khanna), a king in a manner of speaking in a district in Rajasthan. He believed his wife and son to be dead in the hospital fire. But an elderly servant woman finally acknowledges the fact that his wife had birthed a daughter and both had died. Crestfallen, Tanya moves on. She goes to Turkey to meet Altaf Zardari (Rishi Kapoor). His wife has been suffering from severe depression since the night she lost her daughter in the fire. Altaf witnesses Tanya bring life back to his wife’s eyes. But he tells her that they indeed lost their daughter and it couldn’t be Tanya. Satisfied that she cured the woman’s depression, Tanya goes to Goa. Tony Castello (Dharmendra) is a local don in Goa. Tanya tracks him down and questions him. He takes Tanya to meet his then-girlfriend Suzie (Hema Malini), who now lives at the convent. Tony and Suzie deduce that it was Tanya who they had given birth too. In the end, Tanya marries Jai with all her four fathers in attendance.

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Studio: H. M. Creations

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Net: Rs 1.28 Crores

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