Ready (2011)

3 June 2011 | 145 minutes | Comedy


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Set amidst a Romeo and Juliet-esque family war, Prem and Sanjana battle against all odds to unite their clans and find love.



Sanjana (Asin) runs headlong into Prem’s (Salman Khan) arms at the airport. He is there to pick up Pooja, his potential bride on the behest of his parents who he has never met. Sanjana overhears this in his conversation and decides to pose as Pooja to get out of her current predicament. Sanjana has just escaped from her wedding and is hiding from her maternal uncles Amar Chaudhary and Suraj Chaudhary, who want to marry her to their respective brothers-in-law for her large inheritance. They have both sworn off each other as arch enemies. Sanjana smuggles her way into Prem’s family and quickly enamours everyone with her charm;so much that even after Prem’s family finds out about her lies, they nevertheless want her to marry Prem who has now fallen in love with Sanjana. Suraj Chaudhary eventually finds Sanjana and takes her away. Prem asks Sanjana to go since he has a plan in place. Prem pretends to be the nephew of Bali Bharadwaj (Paresh Rawal), a CA common to both uncles. He manages to convince Amar Chaudhary and Suraj Chaudhary to get their brothers-in-law married into a rich American billionaire family, the Modis, who are in fact Prem’s father and uncle disguised. He also manages to convince them to let Sanjana marry him. Come wedding day, things take a turn from the worse, when Prem’s identity is compromised. The Chaudhary’s are furious and set their goons on him. He manages to outwit them. He then proceeds to remind the Chaudhary’s of their late sister, Sanjana’s mother, whether she would have approved of their rivalry and Sanjana’s forced marriage. The brothers realise their mistakes and allow the wedding and dissolve their rivalry. Prem and Sanjana are now ready for a blissful married life.

Company Credits

Studio: Sohail Khan Productions, T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.
Distributed By: T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.

Box Office

Net: Rs 119.78 Crores

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