Not a Love Story (2011)

19 August 2011 | 103 minutes | Crime


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Anusha’s infidelity to spur on her Bollywood dreams leads to her boyfriend Robin killing the man she slept with. This is not your average love story, and nor does it end like one.



Anusha (Mahi Gill) and Robin (Deepak Dobriyal) are in a stable relationship and love each other greatly. Anusha decides to come to Mumbai to fulfil her aspirations of becoming an actress. Robin, however, is against this and tries to dissuade her. But Anusha comes anyway. After a lot of nitty-gritty, Anusha bags a few substantial projects. She becomes good friends with Ashish (Ajay Gehi) who was responsible partly for her success. One night, after a cast party, Anusha and Ashish, while under the heavy onofluence of alcohol, end up in bed together. As luck would have it, Robin turns up unexpectedly at Anusha’s doorstep and finds out. In a heated fight, Robin kills Ashish. Anusha is distraught but helps Robin in disposing off the body. They cut up the corpse and burn it off in a nearby jungle. Robin goes back to his hometown thinking no one to be the wiser. Soon, a missing compliant for Ashish is registered. All his friends including Anusha are taken in for questioning. Unable to come up with a concrete alibi, Anusha is interrogated heavily. After physical torture, she spills the beans about Ashish’s murder. Robin is taken into custody. A legal battle ensues with Anusha and Robin pitted against each other and their lawyers trying to frame the other for the entire blame leaving no traces of the love they shared for each other.

Company Credits

Studio: Bohra Bros Pvt. Ltd.

Box Office

Net: Rs 4.11 Crores

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