Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge (2011)

14 October 2011 | 106 minutes | Teen | Comedy

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In a world where the real person and their online profiles are as diverse as night and day, is true love possible?



For Vishal (Saqib Saleem) and Preity (Saba Azad), it was hate at first sight. Vishal has a good friend Rahul, who is the college heart throb,and on whom Preity is crushing. Preity has a friend Malvika, who is always thronged by guys andVishal happens to be one of them. Vishal sends Malvika a friend request on a website from his account as well as Rahul’s. Malvika rejects Vishal’s friend request and is about to reject Rahul’s too. But Preity distracts her and accepts the request from Rahul. She chats with Rahul (who is in fact Vishal) and falls in love with him; Vishal chats with Malvika (who is in fact Preity) and falls in love with her. While this comedy of errors persists, the time comes when each requests the other for a date. Realising they can’t meet each other without the truth getting out, both of them manage to request the real Malvika and Rahul to go. The pair of them hit it off as well but don’t want to take the relationship further for not hurting their friend’s feelings. Meanwhile, in the real world, Vishal and Preity are forced to work on a college project together and discover that the other one is not as bad as they thought them to be. They become best friends if not more. However, the truth spills out at Rahul’s birthday party when Vishal spots Rahul kissing Malvika. Preity admits to falling in love with Vishal for real but he rejects her for her deceptions. At the college’s annual festival, while presenting their project, Vishal realises that he does love Preity and kisses her onstage much to the surprise of the audience and professors and the delight of Rahul and Malvika who are together too.

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Studio: Y-Films
Distributed By: Y-Films

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Net: Rs 5.12 Crores

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