Luv Ka The End (2011)

6 May 2011 | 103 minutes | Teen | Comedy

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Rhea is a teenager and deeply in love with her boyfriend Luv. When she finds out that her first time getting physical with Luv is going to be splayed on the internet, she recruits her girlfriends to teach Luv a lesson he will never forget.



Rhea (Shraddha Kapoor) is desperately in love with Luv Nanda (Taaha Shah), a spoilt-brat show-off who cheats on her, haves affairs with lady professors and continues indulging her only for the sake of BBC (Billionaire Boys Club), an online cock-fest for rich boys to brag about their sexual conquests and being awarded points. Luv is at the forefront of this race and having sex with Rhea on her 18th birthday will rocket him to the top of the BBC list with a 1000 points. Rhea is oblivious to this but is brought crashing to the ground when she is informed of this by a brother of a friend. Livid with rage, Rhea decides to give Luv a taste of his own bitter medicine.She begins by desecrating Luv’s car, bombing Luv’s date with a bimbo, spiking his drinks, getting him a tramp stamp and finally tops it by recording his raunchy dance in drag. Later that night, Rhea meets Luv at a friend’s party and takes him to a bugged room and pretends to want to have sex with him and embarrass him for everyone to see. What she doesn’t know is that Luv is already aware of Rhea’s plans. He ties Rhea to the bed and continues to have his way with her when Rhea unties herself and blinds him with pepper spray. Humiliated and violated, Rhea leaves the room only to find everyone present cheering her on and congratulating her on her bravado. The night ends perfectly with Freddy Kapoor, her rockstar crush asking her out to which she happily agrees.

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Studio: Y-Films
Distributed By: Y-Films

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Net: Rs 5.88 Crores

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