F.A.L.T.U (2011)

1 April 2011 | 125 minutes | Comedy | Drama

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When you have academic merits that can’t get you admitted in the most meagre institute, what’s the logically sound thing to do? Invent your own college, of course!



Ritesh, Niranjan and Puja are no-gooders with no ambitions in life except having fun. Reality delivers a punch when their results come out and they discover that even though they haven’t flunked, their marks are abysmal.Every college application of theirs has been rejected but their friend Vishnu on the other had has secured top marks and a prestigious college. When threats of managing the family scrap business, disownment and marriage terrorises the three of them, they exercise their brain cells and decide to invent a college to pacify their parents for the time being. Thus, FALTU (Fakirchand And Lakirchand Trust University) is born. A website is also created and to convince their parents of the college’s authenticity when they visit, Google Chand (Arshad Warsi) lets them use a building in his possession as college premises for a day and Bajirao (Ritesh Deshmukh) is hired to pretend to be the Principal. That day, all goes smooth and well until hundreds other students with plights similar to Ritesh, Niranjan and Puja show up and demand to be admitted insisting that they secured admission and paid fees from their website. Thus, FALTU turns into a genuine university where students party all day long but also indulge in activities that interest them. Eventually, their parents and the government realise this scam and threaten to shut down the university. To convince everyone the students of FALTU invite everyone to a performance night which has been put up using and to display the skills of every student. They manage to impress their parents and put forward the fact that one is not considered useless just because they lack academic powers. If each and every one goes after the career they want, universities like FALTU won’t be needed anymore.

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Studio: Pooja Entertainment India Ltd.
Distributed By: Pooja Entertainment India Ltd.

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Net: Rs 24.57 Crores

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