Double Dhamaal (2011)

22 June 2011 | 138 minutes | Comedy

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The tiresome foursome are back to their conning ways in the sequel with ACP Kabir who is back with a hidden agenda.



Adi (Arshad Warsi), Manav (Jaaved Jaffrey), Roy (Ritiesh Deshmukh) and Boman (Ashish Irani) run into Kabir (Sanjay Dutt) once again, but this time he appears to be fabulously wealthy driving around in luxurious cars. Further investigation shows them that Kabir has married rich and his living off his wife’s wealth. They manage to convince him to make them his business partners to get a share of his good luck. Kabir, however is working in tandem with his wife Kamini (Mallika Sherawat) and his sister Kiah (Kangan Ranaut) and has questionable intentions. He connects the four to Bata Bhai (Satish Kaushik), a small-time don. Kabir makes them deal with Bata Bhai about a crude oil field reserve worth 250 crores. Bata Bhai parts with the money to the four and they transport the cash to Kabir. Kabir vanishes into thin air with the money and his family. Bata Bhai is furious that he has been duped out of 250 crores and searches high and low for the foursome. They find Kabir in Macau planning another heist in a casino. In a bid to extract revenge as well as saving their necks, they manage to steal the money only to find Kabir as well as Bata bhai on their tracks once again.

Company Credits

Studio: Maruti International
Distributed By: Reliance Entertainment

Box Office

Net: Rs 43.88 Crores

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