Don 2: The Chase Continues (2011)

23 December 2011 | 148 minutes | Action | Thriller

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Five years after the Don escaped, he has returned to his illegal ways. But his time around he has to team up with the authorities to bring down Vardhaan. Will they finally nab him this time?



Don (Shahrukh Khan) has decided to lay low for 5 years in the Asian drug cartel. This has angered the European drug mafia since the Don is siphoning off their business. Don is placed at the top of their hit lists. In Thailand, Don fights his way out of a cocaine transaction and makes his way to Malaysia, where he is made to surrender to Roma (Priyanka Chopra) and ACP Malik (Om Puri). In the Malaysian prison, Don partners up with Vardhaan (Boman Irani) and they formulate a prison break. Don re-unites with his Ayesha (Lara Dutta) in Zurich and proceeds to a Swiss bank to a locker under Vardhaan’s ownership which contains a video tape that Vardhaan plans to use for blackmail. The man in the tape Diwan is forced to work with Don to acquire currency printing plates. The printing plates are in a bank, which Don plans to loot. During the conquest, Vardhaan betrays Don, but Don manages to secure immunity against freeing the hostages in the bank.Don and Roma manage to track down Vardhaan, but Roma takes a bullet for Don, betraying her true feelings for Don. Vardhaan and his goons are conquered in the following scuffle. The printing plates, along with a disc, are surrendered to the police and Don makes sure Roma is sent to the hospital. In the final scene, Don is shown to possess one of the currency printing plates. The disc that Don gave to the police contained details of the European drug mafia, thus clearing Don’s way for complete dominance over the European underworld. The film ends with Don’s famous catchphrase, “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai!”

Company Credits

Studio: Excel Entertainment, Reliance Entertainment
Distributed By: Reliance Entertainment

Box Office

Net: Rs 106.71 Crores

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