Desi Boyz (2011)

25 November 2011 | 122 minutes | Comedy

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When recession hits, Nick and Jerry lose their jobs and turn to the oldest profession in the world: male escorts. Watch it wreak havoc on their personal and love lives.



Nick (John Abraham) and Jerry (Akshay Kumar) live lives poles apart from each other. While Nick works in a well-respected MNC, Jerry does temp jobs due to his unfinished studies. Nick is soon to be marries to Radhika (Deepika Padukone) and Jerry has a nephew to care for. The economic recession hits and wrecks both their lives. Jerry needs money to send his nephew to school or risk him being given away to a foster family, while Nick needs to pay for the dream wedding Radhika always wanted. Both of them join a male escort company called ‘Desi Boyz’. However, after a while, their secrets are out. Radhika leaves Nick and Jerry’s nephew is sent into foster care. Jerry decides to go back to college to finish his graduate education to provide better care for his nephew. He falls in love with Tanya (Chitrangada Singh), one of the professors in his college. Nick attempts to win Radhika back from the lawyer she is currently dating, Ajay (Omi Vaidya). Radhika eventually forgives Nick. A case for Jerry’s nephew’s custody begins. Turns out, Ajay is the lawyer Jerry is fighting against. Ajay wants to humiliate Nick (for Radhika dumping him) by winning the case, so he decides to summon three women customers of Jerry. Two of them decline to paing him for sex, but one admits to it. The case looks strongly against Jerry, but he presents a convincing testimony to the jury about his honest intentions about his nephew’s future and his genuine concern. The jury rules in Jerry’s favour and happiness is restored to the lives of the ex-Desi Boyz.

Company Credits

Studio: Nextgen Entertainment
Distributed By: Eros International

Box Office

Net: Rs 42.4 Crores

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