Chillar Party (2011)

8 July 2011 | 135 minutes | Comedy | Drama | Children


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The antics the Chillar Party get upto to save their beloved dog, Bhidu are nothing short of remarkable. But will the vile politician Bhide succeed or will the Chillar Party emerge victorious?



In Chandan Nagar Society, the Chillar Party is a force to be reckoned with. It is not just their names that are endearing – Encyclopaedia, Akram, Jhangiya, Aflatoon, Second Hand, Panauti, Silencer and Shaolin. The only thorn in their side is the cricket team from the neighbouring society that always wipes the ground with the bite-sized terrors. Enter Phatka, a young boy employed to wash the cars in the society. Not only does he bring along his companion, a dog called Bhidu, but also turns out to be exactly what the Chillar Party needs, a fantastic bowler. As time passes, Phatka is inculcated into the CHillar Party as well as Bhidu. But, their happiness is short-lived when a local politician Bhidein partnership with Mr. Tandon (the society secretary) issues an order to terminate all stray dogs in the area unless the society in question submits an NOC with signatures of at least 50% of the members within a month. After a couple of gruelling weeks, the Chillar Party manage to secure only 10 signatures as opposed to the required 31. To get more signs, they arrange a Chaddi March wherein they parade the streets with nothing on except their underwear. The increased awareness and TV telecast helps them raise the number to 30 but without one more signature, they would have to send Bhidu away. On the day before last, the Chillar Party are invited onto a TV show for a live interview along with Bhide to discuss their stands respectively. Bhide insults the children and laughs at their antics to save their dog. The children open their textbooks and start reading out values and morals – “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, “we must do what is right”, “Always help others”. A shamefaced Bhide is booed by the audience and the children are praised for their bravado. They return to the Society, depressedfor being unable to secure the last signature, but are pleasantly surprised that Mr. Tandon did in fact sign the NOC and saved Bhidu.

Company Credits

Studio: Salman Khan Films
Distributed By: UTV Spotboy

Box Office

Net: Rs 6.55 Crores

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