Chatur Singh Two Star (2011)

19 August 2011 | 150 minutes | Comedy

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A bumbling cop must salvage some pride and solve a high-profile murder case.



After mucking up an operation, bumbling cop Chatur Singh (Sanjay Dutt), is disgraced from the force. The Police Commissioner is however compelled to bring him back to the department as security for an arrested Minister. After the assassination of the minister on his watch, Chatur finds himself in the middle of a high-profile murder case and is sent to Africa to solve it with his bungling deputy Pappu Panther (Suresh Menon). Along the way he must deal with a comedy of characters like the maniacal mafia don (Satish Kaushik), hyper boss (Anupam Kher) and damsel in distress (Ameesha Patel).

Company Credits

Studio: Lotus Pictures, Pen India Pvt. Ltd

Box Office

Net: Rs 3.26 Crores

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