Always Kabhi Kabhi (2011)

17 June 2011 | 128 minutes | Teen | Drama

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The story of four friends as they find their way through love, friendship and life.



Sam (Ali Fazal) is the coolest guy in school, so obviously he falls in love with the most beautiful girl, Aishwarya (Giselle Monteiro), whose Bollywood debut is just round the corner. Tariq and Nandini (Zoa Morani) fight with each other all the time, but are yet to discover their underlying passion for each other. Tariq hopes to get into MIT for further studies while Nandini whiles away her parent’s wealth on parties and alcohol. The police raid one of Sam’s parties and Sam gets himself arrested to save Aishwarya. They demand a bribe of Rs. 50,000 to quieten the matter to which Sam agrees. But Aishwarya breaks up with him due to his foolhardy ways; only to get back with him when she finds out he did what he did to save her. Aishwarya is offered a movie contract which interferes with her play practise with Sam so she turns it down. The winner of the play competition wind Rs. 50,000 so Sam tries his best to win it to pay off the policemen. Sam and Aishwarya fight over her absence from practisesand his bad temper. Aishwarya walks away but is hit by a car and slips into coma. Nandini and Tariq find her electronic diary in which she had written down all of her anxieties and feelings; about her friends, about the pressures of her career, and parents. That year, the play conceptualized for the competition is an adaptation in which Romeo and Juliet’s parents don’t criticise their love for each other and both of them live; signifying the support the children crave from their parents.

Company Credits

Studio: Red Chillies Entertainment
Distributed By: Eros International

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Net: Rs 2.88 Crores

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