Toonpur Ka Super Hero (2010)

24 December 2010 | 96 minutes | Animation | Action | Adventure


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An actor who plays superhero in a famous kids’ cartoon show is abducted by the very characters of the same show.



Aditya Kumar (Ajay Devgan) is an actor who plays a lovable superhero in a popular TV cartoon show. He tries several ways to explain to his son that superheroes in cartoon are not real. When his son calls him a loser for not being a superhero in real life, Aditya decides to stay away from home for a while. Soon Aditya is kidnapped by a bunch of cartoons called Devtoons, who are from another world, Toonpur. They are the primary characters of his own TV show. And they want him to scare evil cartoon Jagaru off from their world so that they can live peacefully. Gathering it as an opportunity to prove his heroism, he obliges. But clever Jagaru always seems to be one step ahead of Aditya’s plans. Jagaru kidnaps Aditya’s family and asks Devtoons to leave Toonpur and threatens Aditya. By understanding the history of Toonpur, Aditya uses a legendary weapon, an eraser called Toonastra to remove Jagaru’s character from Toonpur’s database. Toonpur is now free from evil and Aditya’s son regards his father as a real superhero.

Company Credits

Studio: Big Screen Entertainment
Distributed By: Eros International

Box Office

Net: Rs 3.55 Crores

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