Tera Kya Hoga Johnny (2010)

12 December 2011 | 155 minutes | Thriller


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A small tea seller finds himself at the centre of intersecting quests for money and love of a disparate bunch of people. As each of their lives unravel, it has a compounding effect on this quest of others.



Johny (Sikander Agarwal), a tea delivery boy, performs the odd clandestine task for his eclectic clientele. He soon falls foul of the law and is arrested. Johny’s stint in prison is ill-fated and he’s routinely tortured by his arresting officer. This, until an up and coming model, Priti (Soha Ali Khan), tries to intervene. She eventually does manage to get the boy released, but not before having to fend off personal attacks on her character. Once out, Johny confides in Parvez (Neil Nitin Mukesh), his street bound mentor, about the cash hidden in corrupt encounter cop, Chiple’s (Kay Kay Menon) house. What Johny doesn’t know is that Parvez is also two-timing with Chiple’s wife, Divya (Shahana Goswami). This scoop provides a context for Parvez's life’s most abiding plan; to somehow run away with Divya to a new a start somewhere else. But once he plots and robs Chiple’s money does he realize how the consequences of his actions will affect others’ lives.

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Studio: Medient, Pixion, SOS Entertainment

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