Tees Maar Khan (2010)

24 December 2010 | 135 minutes | Action | Comedy

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No matter how many times the police handcuff TMK, he always finds a way to escape and cause more trouble than the last time.



Tabrez Mirza Khan (Akshaye Kumar) has been born and bred in crime. CBI officers Chatterjee and Mukherjee catch hold of him in France and are flying him back to India to be tried for his crimes. But TMK manages to fool them and escapes the plane. His minions are ready at the airfield and welcome him back with open arms. TMK is in love with Anya (Katrina Kaif), a struggling actress who wants to make it big. The Johri brothers (Raghu and Rajiv Ram) offer TMK a contract of robbing a train. This train is filled with precious antiques and will be running non-stop from source to destination. TMK devises a plan to execute this robbery. He goes to a village called Dhulia and pretends to be a film producer. He expresses his desire to make a film upon the life of its people. He hires Anya and a popular actor Aatish Kapoor (Akshaye Khanna) who has always dreamt of winning an Oscar. They continue to function as a genuine film crew to keep up the ruse and keep shooting. The robbery goes as planned but TMK and his associates are arrested. They are sentenced to 60 years of prison but are allowed to attend the premiere of his film. TMK and all his goons attend the function. After the premiere, TMK escapes yet again. He is picked up by the Johri brothers on their private jet, but TMK throws them out of the plane. The climax shows TMK and his mother basking in their wealth. Aatish receives the coveted Oscar and Anya becoming an established actress.

Company Credits

Studio: Hari Om Entertainment Co., Three's Company, Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd
Distributed By: UTV Motion Pictures

Box Office

Net: Rs 60.91 Crores

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